Created in 2009, Nola San Diego is the fruition of a dream of joining the passion for well-being through massage and strength training into a company which showcases the owners love for their home towns. 

Carlos is a "Nawlins" native and brings fitness training to the company. Having struggled with health issues in the past Carlos' passion for health stems from a belief that health isn't achieved by spending your whole life in a gym eating only celery. Ideals based in teaching the ability to make better choices Carlos is a great resource to tap into for health assistance. 


Blessed as a product America's Finest City, Veronica always knew that she would serve her country. In 2006 after being injured on deployment, Veronica's military career ended and she suffered with injuries that heavily impacted her life at 22 years old. Forced to understand the body and in search of an answer to pain management which didn't include medication, Veronica found her answers in massage so much so that she became a massage therapist.


Once together Veronica and Carlos realized the symbiotic relationship between massage and fitness training and knew they could create a place where people could come to better themselves and share in their passions.


So whether you're a  local or out of towner, stop by, say "Where Ya At"